Wallzign™ (wôlˈzīn)

The Art of professionally designing one’s walls to compliment their own individual style and décor with FineArt as a focal point statement accenting their personal space.

Blank walls are a canvas to the imagination and a showcase focal point statement which highlight and reflect you and your personal style. Gallery 36 has a team of professional experts specializing in wall-design, and ready to turn your walls into a masterpiece of art.

Whether it be one wall or many rooms, we will customize a design that compliments your décor with attention to detail and personalized flair. Working with various mediums, textures, and colors and incorporating themed styles such as classic elegance to coastal chic or bold abstract to modern contemporary – the possibilities are endless.

Contact us for a personalized appointment for your home, office, business, yacht, hotel, or wherever you need a new or updated “Wallzign“. We also provide customized-shoots, licensed and/or commissioned work; as well as interior/exterior shoots for custom homes, contractors, realtors, businesses, hotels, restaurants, spas, boutiques and interior designers.